Slugs outnumber hugs this week

Slugs outnumber hugs this week

Slugfest kicks off 2013

Our weekly round-up of hugs and slugs skews toward the latter.

HUGS. Thank you to the kind women who volunteer at the IODE store. We appreciate that you provide affordable clothing and many other items that we are unable to purchase otherwise.

SLUGS. To City Hall for making such a big deal about the proposed contemporary design house on a private Silica Street lot and then approving a blasphemous wood addition to an ancient stone church just down the road! Are they gonna cover that in fake rock? Beauty is more than skin deep.

SLUGS. To the driver who ran into my gray car in front of Nelson’s Save-On store shortly after 9 a.m. the morning of Christmas Eve and took off without leaving anything accepting responsibility for the damage they did. And more slugs to the people who saw it happen and condoned that driver’s actions by saying nothing. All it would have taken is a note on the windshield, or a call to the police.

SLUGS. Giant slugs to all you animal carcass dumpers at Kokanee Creek Park. In the past six weeks there have been the remains of chickens, pigs, deer and elk dumped in very close proximity to walking trails. Then, on December 22 there were bear tracks in the park. Yes, it has been mild, but this bear is here because of people who have dumped their animal carcasses. These trails are used by a large number of walkers year round, therefore the chances of a bear or cougar crossing the path of a human is high, especially with the availability of food.

HUGS. To Whitewater ski resort for organizing one way driving lanes, drop off zone and more parking. My stress level went way down this year thanks to the new set up. – A grateful skiing mother

SLUGS. To the mindless vandals who yanked and slashed some of the rope lights on the lamp posts on Baker Street. Those lights were provided by donation and volunteers spent hours putting them up. It adds cheers and light to Baker Street during this festive season. If you don’t like them, that’s okay, but please don’t spoil it for those who do, especially the children. One day you will have children and hopefully you will remember what you did on Baker Street. Let’s hope that you don’t experience the sadness my family did today when we saw the vandalism.