Slugs tie with hugs this week.

Slugs tie with hugs this week.

Slugs edge out hugs 5-4

Dog owners, gossipers, bad drivers and rednecks face readers fury this week.

HUGS: An enthusiastic consensual hug to the local students for their respect and attention at the recent performances of a play about drug facilitated sexual assault.  This was not an easy topic, but really important and your respectful questions/feedback during the talk balk portion of the play was wonderful!

SLUGS: To the dog owners whose poor deeds are now melting out on every trail and walking space (including Baker) in Nelson and my backyard. Seriously, what’s with that? The responsible dog owners may argue, but there don’t seem to be many of them who actually are.

HUGS: Hugs to the kind young man who stopped when a ball from the schoolyard went right in front of his truck and camper and who picked it up and threw it to the waiting kids. We’ve had run over balls before. Thank you.

HUGS: I’d like to suggest a hug to the gentleman who was kind enough to give my grandson and me a lift back to the Whitewater Lodge from the Glory parking lot on Friday in the middle of the howling blizzard, saving us a long cold ride on the chair.  The unexpected mini-blizzard came up suddenly and we were at least one layer of clothing short of what would have been necessary for the chair ride back to the top.

SLUGS: To the two women in the coffee shop who loudly gossiped about the woman a few feet away, then verbally attacked her. Your behaviour was terrible, your story was skewed, and your attacks were just further victimization of a woman who left an abusive man, but is still plagued by his violence in the form of people like you.  As a public service, please educate yourselves.

SLUGS: On March 7 at about 9:30 p.m., I came to a full stop heading West on Vernon Street, looked to my right down Hall Street no traffic, I proceeded across the intersection, half way I had to slam on the brakes, a golden hair lady traveling at an extreme high speed looking straight ahead, cut us off and narrowly missed the meridian in the centre of Vernon street.  If you remember, you will know who you are and if you continue to drive like an idiot, you will have an accident. I hope you do not take someone with you.

SLUGS: Nelson Redneck, it is because of you and billions of others with your mindset that this planet is being swiftly and irrevocably run into the ground. You are truly a drain on everything.

HUGS: To the lady that tried to help the white haired gentleman having a difficult time walking while on Baker Street. This was in the beginning to middle of March. My pride got the best of me and I really needed your help. Please, I would really love to meet with you.

SLUGS: Slugs to the irresponsible dog owner who let his two dogs loose onto Five Mile beach from the highway this past weekend. I was playing there with my grandson. The dogs came bounding down, did their poop and nobody to cleaned it up.

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