Slugs for your long weekend in the Nelson area

To the Harrop property owner who rather than clean up his beach garbage chose to push it out on the shoreline

SLUGS. To the person who took our digital camcorder from my bag, which was under the baby stroller left in the waiting room of the KLH lab department on April 19. You thought you took a mere replaceable item. What we really miss are the photos of our baby’s first winter, the videos of her confirmation and of my husband’s baptism. We can do without the camera, but would love to have the images of our memories back. Please return the memory card to Kootenay Lake Hospital or the Nelson Star, mark it “return to Aryana” … we forgive you.


HUGS. Huge hugs to mom and Natasha for always being here for us. We love you so much and happy Mother’s Day!     – Love Hannah, Hayden and Rylie


SLUGS. To the women who I found sitting drinking her coffee right on my front stairs across from the Capitol Theatre. She said “oh sorry that I’m in your way. Do you mind if I sit here?” I replied “sure.” So I went downtown to do my shopping and I got back and she had left her empty coffee cup on my steps. People clean up your garbage!


Hugs. To the guy at KVH for giving my grandson the opportunity to sit in their helicopter. He loves helicopters so much, but I think he was a little overwhelmed at getting so close to one. He was shaking with excitement when one came in to land. Thanks again, maybe a future pilot!


Slugs. To those who belittle and bully people in the customer service industry. Is it really worth ruining someone else’s day over a pair of socks or a cup of coffee? Get a grip. If those behind the counter could defend themselves without the risk of being fired they would tell you off themselves. Business owners/managers should feel confident enough in their businesses to stand up for their employees instead of spoiling and caving into the unreasonable demands of self righteous customers. I’ll never forget a sign in a small grocery store in Maui that read: “We don’t have to serve rude people” and they shouldn’t!


Hugs. To Sandy for dropping everything to help make arrangements for a memorable trip to Serbia and Italy with my daughter. A grateful mom!


Hugs. And many blessings to Lee and the SEEDS team for growing fresh greens all winter for the Nelson Food Cupboard and Our Daily Bread. Long may you all reign.


Hugs. Many hugs to the conservation officer that arrived promptly, in the middle of the night, to help with the bear that broke into our home and trapped himself inside. You put yourself at risk for the safety of our family. Thank you.


Hugs or Slugs. That remains to be seen. Let’s see how long it takes all the volunteers to take down every election sign that was put up in their riding. You were very keen to put them up, let’s see if you have the same enthusiasm to take them down.


SLUGS. To the Harrop property owner who rather than clean up his beach garbage chose to push it out on the shoreline hoping high water will carry off his mess. For a local your lack of respect for your surroundings is astounding.


HUGS. To those women in the BOB Wednesday walking group who were hurt by some women’s outbursts. Hugs especially to the woman who is caught in the middle and the women who like the dogs. And slugs to the unkind women who said hurtful things… karma… karma.

– A walker who won’t speak out in the group