Sprucing up the core

It’s a small change to the look of our downtown, but one with potential to have a big impact.

It’s a small change to the look of our downtown, but one with potential to have a big impact.

Last week the Cultural Development Commission began an undertaking to spruce up the windows of buildings in flux. Many of the ugly voids in what is a vibrant core will soon get a temporary makeover. With summer in full swing, it’s perfect timing.

Change in the downtown business landscape is a constant. The struggles of running a retail operation in a small community can bring even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur to their knees. Some make it, some don’t. Regardless of the state of the economy, that pattern will forever continue.

Bringing together creativity and opportunity in this new initiative is brilliant. Nelson leaves numerous deep impressions on visitors and locals alike. The downtown is one of the keys to our community’s overall success and anything we do to create more of a pleasing picture builds on the strength.

In the future we will start seeing artist installations and other visual stimulants popping up in previous eyesores. The first is at the Nelson Trading Company where you will find a showcase of the CPR station project. It includes a model and a painting of a great building that will one day be brought back to life.

Just as impressive as what the storefront project will bring to the overall look from the street is the work done to bring the project together. It’s a partnership between local government and business. Along the bottom of the station model you find the project sponsors: the Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership, Nelson and District Credit Union, Nelson Business Association, and  Nelson Kootenay Lake Destination Tourism Marketing Organization. Public and private interests working behind the scenes to ensure our local economy stays strong.

It’s difficult to control the flow of a local economy. Add in the unexpected like the Redfish Grill fire and maintaining the integrity of the downtown look becomes difficult. This new program is a perfect example of how subtle can be a stellar solution.