Start your holiday weekend off with some slugs

Slugs beat hugs this week as people felt the need to express their frustrations.

HUGS: Big hugs to the police officers who humanely rescued my severely injured cat-friend hit by a car on Vernon Street one Thursday evening and delivered him safely to an out of town animal hospital.


HUGS: Bigger hugs still to the wonderful vet and all of her staff for the concern, kindness, care and comfort they gave my cat-friend and I at a time we were both so helpless.


SLUGS: Slugs to all the motorcyclists who install loud exhausts on their bikes. If you really want to be noticed by motorists, maybe try wearing brightly coloured jackets, and installing oscillating headlights.


HUGS: Hugs to all the riders who show a high degree of professionalism and courtesy by riding quiet motorcycles. Thank you all!


SLUGS: Slugs to the driver of the white pick-up truck on Hall Mines Road on Thursday afternoon.  If I am taking too long to get out into the traffic it’s because I want to be safe.  Most drivers going uphill don’t bother to signal until they are at the turn.  So I have to wait to make sure.  It’s my call, not yours.  Having you honking your horn and giving me the finger is so beyond childish. I hope you made it home safely despite your aggressive and selfish attitude and I hope your home is a long way away from Nelson.


SLUGS: Slugs to the Albertan who, for the last few months, has parked his van that leaks anti freeze and other fluids onto West Richards Street. Shame on you for not considering the environmental impacts or the health and safety of the children and animals in the neighborhood. Your idea of using a flat piece of cardboard in an attempt to catch the fluid is not the solution.


HUGS: To the young man at the Nelson arena who made an older Lady very proud and happy.  For three to four years she has teased you about having a Leafs shirt , offering many treats to no avail. Then out of the blue he presented it to her.  So proud of you.  You made a true friend and will never be forgotten.  Your parents must be very proud of you.  Thank you for being my friend.


SLUGS: A slimy slug to you who stole the blue 8X16 tarp placed in the Procter gravel pit. You took it sometime late Saturday/early Sunday. It was placed there as a target for aerial training for CASARA search and rescue. Fortunately your theft was noticed before the exercise started so the training was salvaged. One day, it might be you that would need our services.


SLUGS: Big slimy slugs to all the irresponsible Nelson dog owners! I have two dogs who never leave my yard unleashed. However every time we go for a walk, we encounter numerous of your “good” dogs off leash. If you are around, I ask if you would please control your dog. You are always unable and I am met with scowls when my dogs bark as your “good and friendly” dogs come to us growling with hair standing up. There happens to be a bylaw that states dogs are to be leashed in the city. Why is it so hard for you to comply.


If you have a Hug or a Slug… we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. Keep it tasteful and anonymous — no names of individuals or businesses, please. You can also drop by a written submission to our offices at 514 Hall Street.