Summertime hugs and slugs from Nelson area

To the yahoos with the loud powerboats on the West Arm... obviously compensating for something

Hugs. To the lady from Alberta that jumped out of her car took her bungee cord and put my muffler back on.


Hugs. To whoever stopped on the orange bridge, picked up the brand new blade that had fallen off my car, and returned it to the store where I had just purchased it. The store called me and I got my $50 blade back.


SLUGS. To the yahoos with the loud powerboats on the West Arm… obviously compensating for something in your life to feel the need to be noticed for your ridiculous engine roar. I have no problem with powerboats that emit a reasonable level of noise, but these new noisy crafts are lame. Take that garbage to Kelowna where you can glide along with the rest of the dudes with inferiority complexes.


SLUGS. Double slugs to the person who believes that the big orange bridge should be painted red. How empty your life must be to convince yourself of such nonsense. I might agree with you if you were footing the bill, but you sound like an extravagant fool who’s probably broke.                         – BOB’s Best Friend

SLUGS. I really don’t want to slug or hug, but to the person or people who found it so important to take my spray painted heart rock from my backyard, let me tell you this — it was a gift to me from someone who is no longer living. He was a fabulous person with a heart full of love and this was his gift to me to honour our beautiful friendship we shared. I hope you see this and quietly return it to the place it was taken. My heart is saddened. He also knew how much I simply loved rocks. Please cleanse your Karma moment, there is still time.


HUGS. Huge hugs to all of the volunteers, vendors, and performers who helped to make the first MarketFest of the summer an amazing success! We couldn’t do it without you! Big hugs to everyone who came out to enjoy and support MarketFest. Last but not least, extra special hugs to the uber-team who remained at the end of the night for take down, picking up garbage off Baker Street with your bare hands — you know who you are! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


HUGS. To the entrepreneurial lemonade stand boys at Mountain Station parking lot on Saturday. I might not have made it home without your generous free lemonade. I’ve put a toonie with your name on it in my biking shorts so as not to need a freebie again. Thanks for the lemonade! – The Paper Bag biker


HUGS. Big hugs to my son for finding a young lady’s cell phone and ID and doing the right thing. It’s too bad that the week before, he lost his wallet with two hundred dollars cash, gift cards, and all his ID in the same place downtown and was not so lucky. All he wanted was the ID back. It was gone within 10 minutes. You could have just thrown the wallet in a mailbox. Big slimey slugs to you and karma will get you sooner or later.


HUGS. A big hug to the Nelson RCMP for evicting the campers at One Mile beach on the North Shore. This is a nice easy access beach for many local families and isn’t suitable for camping as there are no toilets. Those two people had been there for the past couple of weeks. Thanks for helping keep it clean and for the use of everyone.


Hugs. To all of the wonderfully hardworking and dedicated volunteers who came out to help make June MarketFest a fabulous success. Also a big, big hug to our amazing Kootenay community who filled MarketFest with so much laughter, joy and good times. Finally a huge hug to our sponsors whose support made this event possible. May July and August Markerfests be just as wonderful and just as full of delight. See you all there!


HUGS. To the Nelson Police Department for their massive presence at Lakeside Park during Canada Day. It seemed like everyone really felt safe from one another knowing all we had to fear was you.


Hugs. To the Civic Theatre Society. We attended our first movie in the revamped theatre and were utterly impressed. You have managed to maintain the integrity of the theatre we knew and loved and have added fantastic sound and pictures. Well done to all!  We will make this a regular part of our entertainment outings without a doubt.


SLUGS. To all those people who felt in necessary to smoke — tobacco and pot — at Lakeside Park during the Canada Day festivities. A perfect day made less so by your lack of respect for others.


SLUGS. Rotten pustulant slugs to an editor that knowingly publishes degrading, disruptive drivel from a Conservative Party drone! It proves the editor is bought and paid for and has no courage, ethics or character!


HUGS. To the crew at Save-On-Foods for all the yummy and refreshing watermelon on Canada Day. You have once again proven that you are a fantastic corporate citizen who aims to make so many community celebrations that much more enjoyable for all of Nelson.