Riding his telemark skis

Riding his telemark skis

The heart of Nelson’s winter

Welcome to the Nelson Star ski and snowboard edition

Welcome to the Nelson Star ski and snowboard edition. We didn’t plan it that way, it just kind of happened. With it being January in the Kootenays, it does seem fitting.

For four months of the year Nelson is a ski town. Even if you’re not part of “the scene,” it’s vital to our existence during the winter months. It fills hotel rooms, brings much needed revenue to shops and restaurants during the lean times of January and February, and it builds on our reputation as a must-visit destination for travellers around the world. Without Whitewater and the abundance of catski/heliski operations in our area, Nelson would just be another grey speck on BC’s winter map.

In today’s issue we’ve provided a great snapshot of just how vital this outdoor industry is to our community.

The front page story about the Today show being at Baldface Lodge should continue to build on our area’s appeal. Getting time on one of America’s most loved breakfast shows is sure to provide a measurable mark on future tourism. Baldface is blessed with epic terrain, but that kind of exposure just doesn’t happen. Tuques off to the crew at Baldface who continue to build a world class reputation through dedication and hard work.

In our sports section you will find a story on another catski operation. A wee bit north of Nelson, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing is the company that started it all. Though a pioneer in the industry, they don’t rest on their laurels and are continuing to compete hard in the world they spawned.

Another important story is the I Will campaign started by friends of Will Schooler, who died tragically late last year. Nelson is not only a magnet for visiting adventurers, we have an amazing core of local young athletes who enjoy all of this winter magic at their backdoor. The terrain and tricks of today are incredible to witness, but also very dangerous. Helmet use is vital for all ages and abilities, we hope everybody gets the message.

During the often glum days of winter, some may forget the essence of the season in Nelson. Today is a good reminder. Let it snow!