The spirit of the season

It’s during difficult times that shifts are more apparent.

It’s during difficult times that shifts are more apparent. When a society starts to break away from what used to feel normal and permanently adopts a new way of thinking.

Christmas is a time for giving and a time to reflect on all the good things we have — family, friends, community. The Nelson area has always been a place where we look after each other and work towards a better future for everybody. That will always be true, but in the last couple of years the spirit of giving to strangers has increased.

More than ever we are thinking of others above self. It’s a small shift which is likely the product of a larger global financial struggle that’s impacted so many in our community.

In the last few editions of the Nelson Star and in those to come over the next couple weeks, you will notice an increase in photos and stories that focus on giving. Businesses cutting cheques to food cupboards, students gathering items to help make Christmas a happier time for everybody, individuals providing that little extra touch of kindness during the holiday season. It happens at this time of year, but it seems more and more people are getting on board.

When you look around the world, Canadians live a relative life of privilege. We are extremely fortunate to be citizens of a nation where freedom and the basic needs for survival are so abundant. That gift should make generosity for strangers and those struggling to get by that much easier.

This Christmas season celebrate what you have, celebrate what you love and celebrate what makes you happy. But never forget there are those whose struggles make it difficult to find light even during the most joyous season. Give generously and be part of making our community even stronger.