There is lot of love being handed out in this week’s Hugs and Slugs

It seems people in Nelson are allows willing to lend a hand to their neighbour.

HUGS: To the two men from Nelson Hydro for responding so efficiently and compassionately for our December 12 mishap and spent hours, until 9 p.m., working outside diligently to get us up and running. Can’t thank you enough and much appreciate it.


SLUGS: Well I never thought I would be writing a slug, but a big slug to the person who stole my daughter’s brand new blue (size 13) Boggs from the boot area at the Nelson pool complex on New Year’s Eve.  And no, you didn’t just mix it up as her brand new leopard print hat and mittens were stuffed inside with her socks. To do this within a week of Christmas when they were obviously gifts is pretty low. How would you like to have to carry your sobbing daughter out to the car because she has no shoes, mittens or hat?


HUGS: Hugs to the lifeguards at the Nelson pool who do an excellent job at politely keeping things safe.  I’ve witnessed one guard rescue a child there, and when I went to congratulate him, he just said it was all in a day’s work.  Well, rescuing someone else is about the most important job you can have!


HUGS: To the anonymous strangers, I am so thankful for the generous and thoughtful gift you have given me. We need more people like you.


HUGS: Super big hugs to the Salvation Army, all their volunteers and donors. You all made my son’s Christmas (a single Dad with three little ones) a very merry one indeed!


SLUGS: A huge slug to the thief or thieves who decided to steal our blow up Penguin snow guy from our front lawn on Vancouver Street. Not only was he tied to the lawn he was tied to our front steps as well and went missing on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  You should be ashamed of yourself or selves.


HUGS: Hugs to the young lady that gave me a bag of sand to help my car out of an icy slope.


HUGS: Mega hugs to the woman who found and took my little dog to the police station on Sunday evening, December 22. We were desperately looking for him, and are so thankful to have our little dog back at home. Big hugs and thanks to friends and all involved for helping to try and locate him that night also.


HUGS: To the city and its workers for winterizing Lions Park bathrooms. Many flowers to the employees who stopped to tell me about it so I wouldn’t walk by with a full bladder thinking it was closed. — A happy letter carrier


SLUGS: To all those people who forget how to drive in the winter. C’mon we live in Nelson. Surely we know how to handle our vehicles on icy and snowy road conditions. If I see one more driver spinning his wheels and making a smoke show instead of easing onto the road, or sliding all over the place while driving too fast, I think I may start yelling at them. Please, everyone, use some common sense.