This week smattering of Hugs and Slugs

To the handicaped person I accidently parked too close to at Save-On. I got your note and I’m sorry, happy holidays!

HUGS. A big thank you to the friends and community who are supporting me through a difficult time. It helps to be able to voice my intentions and share my love, even if it’s not being received by the one person who matters most. I’ll keep the love coming!


Slugs. To the growing number of us who leave our used belonings (junk) on street corners, public property, and in front of someone else’s home, presumably for others to pick up. Leave it in on your lawn and you might be inclined to pick up after yourself if your “treasure” isn’t claimed.


SLUGS. To the individual who stole a bag, wallet and CDs out of our truck on the morning of December 14.  Merry Christmas, neighbour. Hugs to the person who finds the bag/wallet: it’s a brown laptop bag with a camouflage flap and a blue rubber liner (waterproof).  The wallet is a tan ‘flat’ zippered bag. Both have sentimental value — the CDs I can’t even talk about (some are 20 years old) — and the wallet contains my daughter’s medical card.

~ Dismayed for the holidays


Hugs. To the handicaped person I accidently parked too close to at Save-On. I got your note and I’m sorry, happy holidays!


Hugs. To Amanda for starting, organizing and volunteering her own time for the Secret Santa program. Thanks to you many families have a Christmas when times are tough. You are truly an angel and represent what the Christmas spirit is all about. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person.


Slugs. To the two schools who decided not to participate in the Secret Santa program. I hope you rethink your decision for next year! Where is your Christmas spirit?  Shame on you!


SLUGS. In regards to your hugs and slugs and the note from the person that parks curbside in front of residences: we live here, you don’t. It is two-hour parking not 10. We have spoken several times you and I, before a note was left on your windshield, and I parked normally, you weren’t. When I come home from work, I expect to be able to park at my house, don’t you? Have some consideration for others. I know courtesy is an outdated behaviour. Some people still believe. How about Nelson Star doing a story on two-hour parking in residential areas and the people involved. It is a really firey topic for the people involved. Speak to the people on Victoria, Silica, and Carbonate Streets.


SLUGS. Your slugs and hugs column on December 7, a slug was hurled at the overly cautious driver on winter roads. Shameful the judgments we have when we perceive ourselves only. No Ho,Ho, spirit in that slug. Slugs right back at them as driving is a privilege and with such privileges comes great responsibility and I would hope less judgment in life.


Hugs. To the wonderful people who came to my rescue after I tried to pay it forward and provide a ride to Nelson for a very nice lady, in the end she rescued us with her wonderful knowledge of the Nelson area highways. Sydney guided us to the safest up hill approach where we could come to a hair raising but safe stop without my truck brakes, we would not have stopped without a back-force of momentum. Thank goodness for Sydney, her father Andy, and of course Eric form Balfour towing. No words will ever express how grateful I am to all of you. Angels are all around us, we just have to get beyond ourselves to see. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all, I for one am truly blessed.


HUGS. A great gib hug to the gentleman who found my Sony Camera and handed it in to city police. You helped restore my faith in humanity. Merry Christmas!


HUGS. A great BIG warm hug to the wonderful person who turned my purse into the police with everything intact. Thank you so much a gift donation to the food bank was made to honor your spirit of Christmas. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013. You are really my Christmas ANGEL!


HUGS. To those who take the time to get know a person rather than snapping to quick judgement.

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