This week's hugs and slugs has a bit of everything

This week’s hugs and slugs has a bit of everything

Neighbours and friends receive hugs, while gossipers and animal owners get slugged.

SLUGS: To the two couples at a local restaurant that Let their precious children run havoc through the restaurant and thought it was cute to let the little ones throw food, scream and shout,then run with them playing amongst tables. Hire a baby sitter. We were disrupted through our whole meal as well as other diners. I left my children with a sitter. When we do go out, we show respect for others. Restaurant does not equal Romper Room!

HUGS: Hugs to the best neighbours ever — who helped us out so much this week with our yard work. Digging and shovelling with us, lending us tools, bringing us freshly baked cookies and cold beer! Thanks so much, our yard looks so much better thanks to you.

SLUGS: Slugs to the city officials for not washing the sidewalks and streets… the dust is covering cars parked on city streets, causing allergies and wheezing  in people with respiratory problems and covering the merchandise in the great shops in town.

SLUGS: We often see “Slugs” for dog owners who do not pick up after their pooches (and rightfully so)… but what about horse owners who do not pick up after their horses on our city streets? Giant horse sized slugs to them. Yuck.

HUGS: Hugs to the kind man that reminded me to smile, while I was shopping at the grocery store in the mall.  When I thanked him, he went on to ask if everything was okay with complete honesty and interest. It warmed my heart for a complete stranger to show genuine care for my well being.  I really needed a hug, and regret my fear for not asking for one, I said everything was fine.  Thank you for showing kind humanity to a stranger who needed it.

HUGS: Hugs to the person who returned my backpack and its contents up on the rail trails. You made my day!

SLUGS: Slugs to the older woman in the express check out line who made an extremely rude comment about another customer “not being able to count” how many grocery items were allowed in that line… And HUGS to the young mother she was talking about who overheard her, and responded with kindness and patience. I truly appreciated how you dealt with the situation and hope I can learn from the experience.

SLUGS: Slugs to local officials for not having flashing amber crossing lights on our poorly lit crosswalks on the highway through town. My daughter and I were almost run over the other night in the Cherry Street crosswalk.

HUGS: Hugs to the shaken gentleman who stopped and apologized for almost running my daughter and I over in the crosswalk. He explained that with the darkness and rain it was almost impossible for him to see us until he was almost upon us.

SLUGS: Slugs to the fast food restaurant that has moved into the museum. Are we going to see a brown bear too? Who picked that awful colour?

If you have a Hug or a Slug… we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. Keep it tasteful and anonymous — no names of individuals or businesses, please. You can also drop by a written submission to our offices at 514 Hall Street.