This week’s offering of Hugs & Slugs

To my Grandpa for being my #1 hockey fan and for all the great hockey tips.

Hugs. To my Grandpa for being my #1 hockey fan and for all the great hockey tips.


HUGS. And a handshake to the Nelson Minor Hockey Association president for going the extra mile to ensure a place in NMH for a player with no team to play on in their own community. This player had a great season. Thank you.


SLUGS. To the tourist who commented about the lady with the white coat and German shepherd dog who left the doggie bag on the hydro box. You said that left a really good impression of Nelson! What you didn’t see was I walked to the end of the street and on my way back I picked up my doggie bag and disposed of it. Don’t be too quick to judge Nelson and the people in it without seeing the whole picture. I can assure you I am a responsible dog owner.


Slugs. To the unaware pedestrians that ignore the crossing lights downtown. Although I agree the people come first, the lights are there for a reason. I see people walking without looking, stopping in the middle of the crosswalk to chat and walking  against the crossing light with their children! Overall, I just don’t want to hit you! What is up with this strange phenomenon! Please try to be careful. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt.


Hugs. Many, many large hugs to my wonderful teacher Cheryl Grant. She has helped me progress with education, and helping me get by in many hardships. I thank you with all of my heart.


Slugs. To the City of Nelson for thinking of not opening the movie theatre. It’s tradition. Boo to you.


SLUGS. Big noisy slugs to those who sing, and ooohm, an caterwaul in the steamroom and sauna at our local pool! Do it at home, not a public pool!


HUGS. To all the drivers who give you a little extra room when running or biking along the highway, thank you, it’s much appreciated!


HUGS. To the wonderful Robin who has been giving us the sweetest pleasure of watching her all week build the most delightful dry flower arrangement for the arrival of her babies! Well done, you chose a tricky little place, but you did it!


HUGS. To the generously sweet man who bought my coffee and scone at Oso on Friday, March 30 when my Interac card didn’t work!! I didn’t see your face but I felt the warmth of your kindness! Thank you! I will pay it forward! Nelson… it puts a spell on you!


Slugs. To the person who stole my iPad from a Safeway shopping cart. You could always return it to the Safeway customer service. Thanks in advance.


HUGS. To the Nelson Bantam Leafs hockey team. What a great group of kids to be involved with. You are all turning into fine young men and your parents should be proud of the way you represented your community and your family this season.