Thoughts on the meaning of soul

From reader Tamara Balla

The following is my definition for the word soul: The soul for me is defined as us and who we are. It encompasses who we are on a personality level, which includes our mind and heart.

But also, it includes our invisible connection to our physical body and molecular connection to water and light. How we are connected, and who we are, is defined by what is in our hearts and mind. This provides the basis for our connection to our own soul.

Some may have an unnatural connection to another soul by means of force, domination and control, which would mean their hearts and minds are violent spiritually. Some may be naturally connected through innocence of their heart, which means their heart and mind remained pure of intent, thought and action spiritually. If this is you, then this is what is your heart, mind and soul are for. This person reflects their connection to water and light on a molecular level.

We are in a time of big changes and spiritual violence against non-spiritually violent people is more pervasive than you might imagine. I would like to see a legal system that respects the rights of non-spiritually violent individuals.

Tamara Balla