Eight local paddlers

Eight local paddlers

Athletes return with a fistful of medals

Plenty of success at 2014 BC Summer Games as local athletes come home with hardware. Local swimmer Samuel Matthew picked up five medals.

The 2014 BC Summer Games came to a close on Sunday. Nelson and area athletes brought home an impressive medal haul.

Local swimmer Samuel Matthew picked up five medals, two silver and four bronze during the four-day event.

Matthew won silver in the boys 200-metre IM and the 800-metre freestyle and bronze in the 100-metre breaststroke, 400-metre IM, 200-metre backstroke and 200-metre breaststroke.

Meanwhile, Nelson’s Noor Lammers picked up a bronze medal in the equestrian competition. Lammers finished third in Vaulting Division D — Canter.

Salmo golfer Ethan Paton won a  silver as part of the Kootenay team.

Eight members of the Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club came home with medals, both individual and as part of team competitions.

They include Maya Collinson (one silver and two bronze), Quinn Currie (two silver and one bronze), Henry Leishman (two silver and one bronze) Heather Potkins (one silver and one bronze) Theresa Timmermans (one silver and one bronze), Joseph Timmermans (three silver and one bronze), Relmu Wilson-Valdes (one silver and one bronze) and Benjamin Woodward (three silver and one bronze).

The girls and boys Kootenay Zone soccer squads were in tough this year as the girls took seventh overall and the boys finished in fifth.

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  • Spencer Atkins      Athletics         11th, 12th
  • Keiran Marchand    Athletics         13th, 14th
  • Matthew Montgomery    Athletics        N/A
  • Maya Collinson    Canoe/Kayak        1 Sil, 2 Bron
  • Quinn Currie    Canoe/Kayak         2 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Henry Leishman    Canoe/Kayak         2 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Kevin Milde    Canoe/Kayak         Coach
  • Heather Potkins    Canoe/Kayak         1 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Theresa Timmermans    Canoe/Kayak        1 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Joseph Timmermans    Canoe/Kayak        3 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Relmu Wilson-Valdes    Canoe/Kayak        1 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Benjamin Woodward    Canoe/Kayak        3 Sil, 1 Bron
  • Noor Lammers    Equestrian        Bronze
  • Sebastian Bodine    Sailing            8th
  • Carter Anderson    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Oliver Arcuri    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Moss Caney    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Callum Cutler    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Matthew Erickson    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Nicholas Haydu    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Fynn Keywood    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Jamie Spendlove    Soccer – Boys        Coach
  • Teigan Barnhart    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Alexis Dyck    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Kerry Dyck    Soccer – Girls         Coach
  • Kaliana Forte    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Abby Jackson    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Ruby Linnen    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Ella Peloso    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Kelsey Andrusak    Swimming        4th, 6th
  • Samuel Matthew    Swimming        2 Sil, 4 Bron




  • Ethan Paton    Golf            Silver
  • Mary Ann Gould    Softball – Girls        5th
  • Stephanie Gould    Softball – Girls        5th
  • Haley Gould    Softball – Girls        5th
  • Jessica Paul    Softball – Girls        5th




  • Farrah Marzicola    Soccer – Girls        7th
  • Emma Hare    Softball – Girls        5th


South Slocan


  • Lennox Lockhurst    Soccer – Girls        7th




  • Andreas Rentke    Soccer – Boys        5th
  • Sam Shkuratoff    Volleyball – Girls    5th


Crescent Valley


  • Victoria Peebles    Volleyball – Girls    5th