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Flying feet at taekwondo tournament

Yom Chi Martial Arts hosted a day of sparring on Saturday
Martial artists duke it out Saturday during a taekwondo tournament in Nelson. Photos: Tyler Harper

Roundhouse kicks, crescent kicks, and even the occasional jumping kick were on display Saturday as Yom Chi Martial Arts’ held its first taekwondo tournament.

Martial artists as young as four to adult hit the floor to spar throughout the day at St. Joseph’s School’s gymnasium.

Scroll down for photos and complete results.

Padawan Kids 4-6 yrs

1st - Oliver Pattyn-Faulkner 2nd- Reece Johnson

Dragon Warriors Divisions

Girls Beginner 5-7 yrs 1st - Charlie Makaroff 2nd - Polly Makaroff 3rd - Chloe Gaudreau 4th - Harmory Starbuck

Boys Beginner 7-8 yrs

1st - Ryland Dupuis 2nd - Tjaz Zumpano-Intihar 3rd - Isaak Gaudreau

Boys Intermediate 6-8 yrs

1st - Hunter Makaroff 2nd - Hart Starbuck 3rd - Jack Denny

Boys Intermediate 8-10 yrs

1st - Luc Charlwood 2nd - Bodhi Mcburney 3rd - Cesar Passaro

Boys Intermediate 8-10 Group 2

1st - Ronan Outram 2nd - Noah Gaudreau 3rd - Cassius Moncur

Womens Beginner

1st - Somer Charlwood 2nd - Charity Marshall 3rd - Marianne McBurney

Mens Intermediate

1st - Theo McBurney 2nd - Tyler Konowalchuk

Poomse Forms Division

Padawan Kids 4-6 yrs

1st - Reece Johnson 2nd - Oliver Pattyn-Faulkner Dragon Warriors Beginner Poomse 5-7 yrs

1st - Isaak Gaudreau 2nd - Harmony Starbuck 3rd - Polly Makaroff

Beginner Poomse 8-10 yrs

1st - Greyson Schmidtke 2nd - Ryland Dupuis 3rd - Tanner Scanlon

Beginner Poomse Group 2, 8-10 yrs 1st - Bodhi McBurney 2nd - Ronan Outram 3rd - Kaleb Johnson

Intermediate Poomse 7-9 yrs

1st - Jack Denny 2nd - Jack Gilbert 3rd - Hunter Makaroff

Intermediate Poomse 8-12 yrs

1st - Luc Charlwood 2nd - Cesar Passaro

Beginner Poomse Teen Adult

1st - Somer Charlwood 2nd - Theo McBurney 3rd - Mariane McBurney

Intermediate Poomse Teen Adult

1st - Jan Korinek 2nd - Sonny Virdi 3rd - Tyler Konowalchuk


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