Imogene Cowan (far left) on the podium with her silver meal in the 50M Butterfly at the provincials held in Victoria.

Imogene Cowan (far left) on the podium with her silver meal in the 50M Butterfly at the provincials held in Victoria.

Neptunes capture silver and bronze at provincials

Nelson’s swim club best in the Kootenays with a finish in the top half of the province

The Nelson Neptunes Swim Club posted some of the best times in their history, winning two medals at the provincials in Victoria last weekend.

In total they had 35 best times by 21 club swimmers, making a fine finish to the end of the season with 532 best times.

Imogen Cowan won a silver medal — the first time anyone from the Neptunes has won a medal since 2008 when Melissa Afford brought home provincial hardware.

Imogene Cowan won a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly. Courtesy Nelson Neptunes

Lachlan Bibby-Fox also lunged forward into third place during the 50 m breaststroke final.

All in all, the Neptunes finished with 298 points, making them the top Kootenay team and 26th out of 55 teams overall. Last year the team earned 99 points ranking them 47th out of 63 teams.

Head coach Cynthia Pfeiffer said for the Neptunes to place in the top half is unheard of, noting Castlegar and Colville have been the only local teams able to do so in the last ten years.

“To place in the top half is amazing,” said Pfeiffer, 22, a retired varsity swimmer who also competed and clocked a best time. The Neptunes placed ahead of Castlegar, Trail, Kimberley, Creston and Grand Forks.

The Kootenay region as a whole placed seventh out of eight BC regions. Individually the Neptunes came home with many top 16 (consolations) and top eight (finals) finishes.

Cowan took off four seconds from her best time in the 50m butterfly and comfortably placed second, not far off first place swimmer Ashley Ko from Burnaby. Bibby-Fox surprised everyone when he took off three seconds in the finals and made it onto the podium  by 0.06 seconds.

“Our enthusiasm and team spirit is excellent. It’s such an awesome team to be on because all 35 kids came to every meet,” said Pfeiffer, “We’re small but we’re very close.”

Lachlan Bibby-Fox brought home a bronze medal in 50m breaststroke. Bibby-Fox shaved three seconds off of his time. Courtesy Nelson Neptunes

She said with more than 1,000 swimmers, the provincials could be a “pretty scary and intimidating” event as it’s the biggest event with all the best.

Pfeiffer attributes the strong showing to having the Nelson pool to train in two times per week over the winter, with extensive training over the summer. After the pool closed for part of the winter two years ago following a ceiling tile collapse, she said it took the team “a while to get back.”

She credits the team size as well. At 35 swimmers, the Neptunes are at their largest — although this is a small team compared to others, which often top 200 athletes.

Pfeiffer noted other swimmers who shaved significant amounts of time off their personal bests: Amelia Kormany’s 50m butterfly, Enna Cowan and Morgan Robertson-Weir’s 100m freestyle, Matthew Holitzki and Hannah Malenfant’s 100m butterfly, Olivia Cowan’s 100m backstroke, Kallie Badry’s 50m breaststroke, and Sage Cowan’s 200m IM.

The club now takes a brief rest before moving into its winter maintenance program which means training two times per week beginning in September.

Pfeiffer herself will continue her university studies as she begins a master’s program but hopes to be back to coach the group again next summer. The team would like to see the impending pool maintenance begin immediately in hopes the pool will be ready by next summer.

When the Nelson and District Aquatic Centre does close, the club plans to train once a week in Castlegar.

As for the season’s grand finale, Pfeiffer said: “I’m super proud of them and still smiling about it.”



Kallie Badry

23rd in 100m Individual Medley

23rd in 50m Freestyle

22nd in 50m Backstroke

23rd in 50m Breaststroke

Lachlan Bibby-Fox

10th in 50m Butterfly

3rd in 50m Breaststroke

17th in 100m Freestyle

Elissa Centrone

28th in 200m IM

25th in 50m Freestyle

Ella Chouinard

21st in 100m IM

21st in 50m Freestyle

15th in 50m Backstroke

Evan Chouinard

19th in 50m Breaststroke

Enna Cowan

22nd in 50m Fly

19th in 100m Freestyle

Imogen Cowan

8th in 100m IM

2nd in 50m Butterfly

13th in 50m Backstroke

13th in 100m Freestyle

Sage Cowan

7th in 200m IM

8th in 100m Butterfly

15th in 100m Backstroke

13th in 100m Freestyle

Olivia Cowan

14th in 200m IM

13th in 50m Freestyle

9th in 100m Backstroke

12th in 100m Freestyle

Leanne Douglas

13th in 200m IM

Madeline Holitzki

20th in 100m IM

21st in 50m Butterfly

17th in 50m Breaststroke

Matthew Holitzki

19th in 200m IM

17th in 100m Butterfly

16th in 100m Breaststroke

21st in 100m Freestyle

Amelia Kormany

20th in 50m Freestyle

21st in 50m Butterfly

23rd in 100m Freestyle

Geneve Magnan

24th in 100m IM

23rd in 50m Backstroke

24th in 50m Breaststroke

Chloe Malenfant

20th in 100m IM

20th in 10m Freestyle

Hannah Malenfant

13th in 100m Butterfly

14th in 50m Butterfly

21st in 100m Backstroke

22nd in 100m Breaststroke

Cynthia Pfeiffer

7th in 50m Freestyle

4th in 100m Backstroke

9th in 50m Butterfly

6th in 100m Freestyle

Morgan Robertson-Weir

13th in 100m IM

7th in 50m Butterfly

9th in 50m Breaststroke

9th in 100m Freestyle

Jaylen Rushton

6th in 50m Butterfly

6th in 50m Backstroke

10th in 50m Breaststroke


Girls Division 3 200m Medley Relay: 9th Jaylen Rushton, Geneve Magnan, Imogen Cowan, Madeline Holitzki

Girls Open Category 1 200m Medley Relay: 6th Ella Chouinard, Morgan Robertson-Weir, Enna Cowan, Chloe Malenfant

Girls Division 5 200m Medley Relay: 14th Olivia Cowan, Elissa Centrone, Hannah Malenfant, Paige Ross

Girls Division 1 200m Freestyle Relay: 13th Imogen Cowan, Amelia Kormany, Kallie Badry, Keira Badry

Girls Division 3 200m Freestyle Relay: 12th Geneve Magnan, Amelia Kormany, Kallie Badry, Keira Badry

Girls Division 5 200m Freestyle Relay: 12th Hannah Malenfant, Elissa Centrone, Paige Ross, Madeline Holitzki

Girls Division 8 200m Freestyle Relay: 8th Cynthia Pfeiffer, Sage Cowan, Olivia Cowan, Jaylen Rushton

Lachlan Bibby-Fox (far right) on the podium.