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Retallack grows wheels

Retallack and renowned mountain bike trail builder and Riley McIntosh have teamed up to offer a unique backcountry mountain biking experience.
Tunnel Vision Trail. Slocan Lake, British Columbia, Canada
The new trails at Retallack provide access to 5

Retallack and renowned mountain bike trail builder and Riley McIntosh have teamed up to offer a unique backcountry mountain biking experience.

Retallack — located an hour north of Nelson — is taking its world class winter catskiing terrain to a new level with the summer sport. Retallack is currently at work developing new trails, hiring and training professional guides, and preparing its operations for the initial season debut in July that runs until October.

Customers will be able to access descents of up to 5,000 vertical feet via a combination of off-road vehicles and helicopters. Luxury food and accommodations will be provided at Retallack’s 11,000 sq ft lodge in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains.

“I am so stoked that customers will now be able to experience epic backcountry trails, gourmet food, luxury accommodation, and a free-ride mountain bike experience that dreams are made of,” McIntosh says.

“I can’t wait to share the flowing trails, with nothing but miles of winding single-track separating them from a fully stocked bar, gourmet dinner, hot tub, sauna, and massage waiting at the bottom — all for a package value that is comparable to what you’d spend on a typical bike park trip,” he said.

Retallack general manager Phil Pinfold says the company’s first priority is to build on Retallack’s reputation for outstanding terrain by providing exceptional service to both new and existing customers. Packages and trails will be geared towards both intermediate and advanced riders.

“We are really excited that Riley has joined the Retallack team and shares our Kootenay vibe. We feel that his involvement and input will be of massive benefit to us and freeriders alike,” he says.

McIntosh has been at the forefront of backcountry mountain biking for more than a decade. In that time, his talent for building mountain biking trails has earned him a level of respect from his fellow trail builders and freeriders that is second to none. He is the previous founder of Rilor Wilderness that specialized in backcountry mountain biking tours.

Retallack director Kevin Arcuri says the company’s owners and management team were thrilled to be pioneers in the guided backcountry mountain biking industry and that its summer mountain biking operations would mirror the professionalism and safety standards of its winter backcountry catskiing operations.

“We are dedicated to providing the highest quality backcountry experience to our customers. Retallack is 100 per cent owned by expert skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers — including legendary freeskiers Seth Morrison and Tanner Hall. All of our decisions are thus made by riders, for riders,” Arcuri says.

Retallack chairman Chris McNamara stresses the company would take care to ensure that its mountain biking operations were in keeping with the company’s status as one of the greenest backcountry destinations in Canada.

“Retallack has committed to a multi-year expansion plan. We have the skills, talent and commitment necessary to make this successful, while ensuring that the company remains an industry leader in terms of environmental and safety practices,” he says.

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