Sample some great activities in the Nelson area

This time of year brings out the youthful energetic feelings in us all, and nothing seems more youthful to me than skipping.

This time of year brings out the youthful energetic feelings in us all, and nothing seems more youthful to me than skipping. There was a time when all schoolyard activities included jump rope or French skipping activities. Thankfully this activity is still alive and well albeit more organized.


Our local Rhythm Ropers club will be sending their top three teams to Washington, DC for the world championship in July. As part of their fundraising efforts to get the team to the event, the club will be hosting a show on June 3 at the LV Rogers Gym. Shows will be at 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. with ticket cost $7 each, with 5 years and under free. The club promises jump rope like you’ve never seen before plus a light show, 50/50 raffle baskets and concession.  So don’t miss your chance to support the club and see some stunning acrobatics!


The dragons are back out on the water and you are invited to come for a ride! The Kootenay Rhythm Dragons will be offering rides in their dragon boat at Lakeside Park May 26 from 10 a.m until noon. Kids under 19 should bring a parent and a PFD. Paddles and PFDs available for adults.

Cost is $5 fee for insurance with complimentary coffee and muffins too!


Experience the Salmo River Shenango Canyon with the Nelson Whitewater Rafting company. Their kick-off weekend of the season on the Salmo River will be this Saturday and Sunday for a special rate of $75. For more information go to

Kootenay Christian Taekwondo Club is hosting a two day event on the long weekend. A Women only self defence and life preservation session will be led by Sifu Jamen Zacharias and Sifu Rahi Ashraf on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost is $50. On Sunday a jeet kune do martial art session will be held for both men and women and will be led by Sifu Rahi Ashraf. Both events will be held at the Evangel Covenant church at Stanley and Silica.

To register contact Charlotte Bond 352-5116

The Koot-Neigh Equestrian Vaulters club situated in Blewett has been in operation for about three years and provides year-round therapeutic, recreational and competitive vaulting programs. Vaulting is often explained as dance and gymnastics on horseback. That is, creative, athletic performances in harmony with a moving horse. This team sport supports the whole team consisting of horses, vaulters, coaches, trainers, lungers, parents, volunteers and other professionals as needed.

Program costs and dates vary and participants do not need own their own horse. To get a better idea of the scope of these programs please go to or email


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