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Trafalgar Thunder rumble in Grand Forks

The middle school's girls volleyball team continues to dominate.
The Trafalgar Thunder dominated a volleyball tournament in Grand Forks last week. The A and B teams combined: Back left: Lauren Hartridge

The Trafalgar Thunder girls volleyball teams continue to dominate the region after a strong showing at a tournament in Grand Forks last week.

The Thunder A team was undefeated against both Grand Forks and Castlegar teams. The B team won one game against Grand Forks but narrowly lost the rest.

Coach Staci Proctor said there was “excellent”  team play from the Thunder and she highlighted a few standouts.

“There was consistent and strong serving from Grade 6 student Jaylen Rushton,” said Proctor. “Grade 7 student Addis Atkinson and Grade student 8 Abby Jackson helped the A team become undefeated as well.”

Trafalgar was playing at a tournament yesterday in Trail. They host their own tournament on Nov. 19.