Kootenay Goon

COLUMN: Making room for meditation

Star reporter Will Johnson investigates out how to cope when your mind is a dumpster fire.


COLUMN: On recognizing female role models

It’s more important now than ever to celebrate female accomplishments.


COLUMN: I love the way you lift

Will Johnson competed in his second Olympic weightlifting competition this weekend.


COLUMN: When Ryan met Kate, a Nelson Love Story

Star reporter Will Johnson attended a quintessentially Kootenay wedding in Gyro Park this weekend.

COLUMN: An open letter to Bergen Geddis, the mountain dweller

Will Johnson addresses former Star reporter Sam Van Schie’s newborn daughter.

COLUMN: Three days at the Shambhala Music Festival

Reporter Will Johnson drove out to the Salmo River ranch for the 19th annual bacchanal.

COLUMN: Three days at the Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival

Star reporter Will Johnson attended the sold-out extravaganza last weekend.

COLUMN: Perfecting my psychedelic poppies, Zaslove-style

Reporter Will Johnson participated in Rotary’s Corks and Canvas fundraiser this week.

COLUMN: Half an hour with the Nelson Killjoys

Reporter Will Johnson learned firsthand what it takes to be a derby girl.

COLUMN: Three days at the Tiny Lights Festival

Reporter Will Johnson met musicians, danced with a baby and was immortalized in tin at this year’s Ymir festival.

COLUMN: Don’t stop believin’, hold on to that feeling

Star reporter Will Johnson got the ensemble experience as part of the Capitol’s Rock of Ages.

COLUMN: The art of ascension

Star reporter Will Johnson checks in on the local flyboard company hoping to operate out of Kootenay Lake.

COLUMN: ‘I’m Anglican, I drink beer!’

The recent loss of a close friend inspired Star reporter Will Johnson to contemplate the things money can’t buy.

COLUMN: My top 10 favourite stories of 2015

This year I've covered everything from forest fires to music festivals.

COLUMN: Challenging my climate apathy

The Vancouver oil spill has brought some urgency to my half-hearted environmentalism.

COLUMN: My eight favourite stories of 2014

When my colleague Greg Nesteroff asked me to compile a list of my favourite stories of 2014, I was initially stumped.