Ryan Tapp was a popular musician in Nelson. Photo courtesy of Randy Tapp

Nelson remembers Ryan Tapp

Spiritbar memorial will be held on May 27, music bursary announced

Ryan Tapp made a big impact.

The promising young Nelson musician passed away in March 2015, but the community is endeavoring to ensure he’s not forgotten with an annual memorial event and a music bursary at Selkirk College.

“Wildly ambitious, Ryan was a talented and accomplished musician and composer,” Tapp’s father Randy told the Star.

“His great joys included music, travelling, feeling wind in his face, the smell of earth after the rain, mountain views, meeting new people, and connecting with his family. His love and laughter are sorely missed.”

That’s why the family set up a bursary at his alma mater in 2016, with the first recipient being Ami Cheon, a third-year music student from Saskatchewan. She will be performing alongside Medhi and Medhitations from Cranbrook.

Because the father is quite like the son, Randy will be playing horn with the Medhitations.

“For Ryan’s family to continue offering the Ryan Tapp Memorial Bursary some very dedicated friends have come together to organize this fundraising event. It will assist in maintaining the bursary fund, but also be a legacy and a celebration of the amazing love and spirit of Ryan,” he said.

“It will be a black and white theme (think James Bond or Archer), with two bands, hors d’houvres, and a silent auction with many great items. The event will be finished off with DeBlock making music to make sure everyone is good and danced out,” he said.

“Everyone in Ryan’s community is encouraged to come out and have a bit of a celebration. If you are able to contribute you will be supporting a grateful music student and helping to keep Ryan’s legacy alive.”

Donations for the bursary will be taken at the event.