VIDEO: Bombi Pass minivan fire nearly reaches forest

Motorist captured video of flaming wreck on the highway

That was way too close for comfort.

Nelson motorist Colby Bedford caught footage of a minivan fire on the Bombi Pass that nearly reached the forest today at approximately 2 p.m. — a reminder of how vulnerable the community is to forest fires.

“Spot fires were beginning to spark up in the forest just as fire crews began to arrive,” Bedford told the Star.

“If not for their quick action in responding to the call, I’m afraid to think of what sort of fire it may have become. The responding firefighters may have prevented a massive fire in our backyards today, especially considering today’s weather conditions.”

The short video shows a vehicle completely consumed in flames, with multiple explosions firing projectiles into the woods while black smoke billows ominously into the sky. Emergency crews responded shortly after, extinguishing the fire by 3 p.m.

Wildfires continue to rage across the province, but the local ones have so far been successfully contained.