Nelson’s Leo Grypma competed in the CrossFit West Regional last weekend in Portland. File photo

Grypma crushes CrossFit Regionals

The local firefighter survived an intense three-day event in Portland

A Nelson firefighter endured a gruelling physical challenge in Portland.

Leo Grypma, who works at Nelson Fire and Rescue and is a coach at local gym Power By You, competed in the CrossFit Games’ West Regionals last weekend.

Grypma finished 22nd out of 38 athletes at the end of the three-day ordeal, which was a qualifying event that sent the top-five competitors to the CrossFit Games in August.

The Regionals are divided into six workouts that consist of various exercises and must be completed under a time cap.

Grypma’s best event, which he finished in 11th, consisted of an 18-metre handstand walk, 10 toes-to-bars and 10 double kettlebell dead lifts weighing at 150-pounds each. He had to repeat those exercises four times in under 11 minutes, with the toes-to-bars and dead lifts increasing by two reps each time.

Grypma was also recently starred in a commercial for Power By You that features Nelson Fire and Rescue and was shot by Nelson filmmaker Chase Rickaby. Check it out below.