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HUGS AND SLUGS: Testy about turkeys

Readers respond to a slug about braking for wild turkeys
Readers have strong opinions about braking for wild turkeys. Photo: Nature Conservancy of Canada

SLUGS: To the select Class 6 drivers who think it gives them the right to pass on solid double yellow lines within two feet of the vehicle they are passing, and around corners with on-coming traffic approaching. Shame on you.

SLUGS: Huge slugs to Purolator and Canada Post. You can’t even deliver a parcel from Castlegar to Nelson in eight days. Do yourself a favour and get out of the business of parcel delivery.

HUGS: Many, many hugs to the crew that is keeping the Lakeside Park beach so meticulously clean this year. It is such a pleasure to swim there.

SLUGS: To the neighbour down the street. You are a gossip, a liar and a bully. Just because you are elderly, that doesn’t make you an Elder. Wise up, and get what you really want: hugs.

SLUGS: Millions of slimy slugs to whoever left broken glass scattered on the beach at the dog park! You made me feel uncomfortable about letting my pup run around off leash and turned my walk into a game of picking up someone else’s sharp objects. I sincerely hope you didn’t cause any dogs to be injured due to your negligence.

HUGS: A great big warm hug to the Third Street - High Street bike route. No stop signs for cyclists of all ages and abilities all the way from Gordon Street to downtown. A friend who lives on Third Street says he often sees young people and families cycling past his house; this only since the Bike Route was developed. So much safer and so much easier for cyclists, and drivers of cars along here are very considerate and careful.

HUGS: One thousand hugs to Nelson Canadian Red Cross. They’re indispensable when you need a leg to stand on! The staff are so friendly and supportive when lending out medical aids to people in our community who may need a crutch for a while.

HUGS: To all the great people of the Kootenays that came to the yard sale in Nelson in support of Colin Campbell with terminal brain cancer. You folks are fantastic. Slugs to bylaw for singling us out and making us pull down posters.

HUGS: To Sean, the DIY customer at Home Hardware, who graciously gave two senior ladies a tutorial on ceramic repair when he overheard our chat. His tips and hints made for success. Thank you kind stranger.

SLUGS: A huge slug for the alternative approval process. When it comes to raising taxes it should be done through a referendum with ballots. It seems the AAP was designed to suppress votes. A brochure is sent out in a plain white envelope that looks like junk mail. I would imagine half of them get thrown out, then you have to go online and print a form or drive into town to get one. Very difficult for some people.

(Editor’s note: In the last edition of Hugs and Slugs, a reader complained about a car braking for crossing turkeys out of caution for the following vehicles. These slugs are responding to that reader.)

SLUGS: To the person who feels that suddenly braking for turkeys is wrong. What if next time it is a car that did not stop when it entered the highway or someone’s kid. All you have to do is drive with a safe distance between vehicles and everyone gets home safe.

SLUGS: To the slug that complained about a driver braking for a Mama Turkey and her chicks crossing the highway at Beasley Bluffs. Shame on you! First of all you must have been tailgating, which is illegal. If it had been a human mother or teacher crossing the highway with some children would it have been all right to mow them down so you wouldn’t be in danger because you were following too close? Give your head a shake.

HUGS: To the driver who suddenly braked in the Beasley Bluffs to wait for turkeys to cross the road. You did the correct and legal thing. There was another turkey behind you!

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