LETTER: Everything Jesus said was true

From reader Justin Arndt…

Re: “Other spiritual paths are valid too” (Letters, July 5)

Ralph Friesen recently submitted a letter (in response to a column by Jeff Strong) that asked the question, “Why is it necessary for evangelical Christian spokespersons to insist on the exclusiveness of their way?”

Based on personal experience and intellectual inquiry, I have come to believe and continue to believe that what Jesus said — everything he said — was true. One of the more controversial things he said was, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Not “a” way, but “the” way. This is inclusive in that the way is open to anyone who believes in Jesus as Lord, but yes, it is exclusive in that there is no other way.

So for those who claim to follow Jesus, there is just no wiggle room to promote other spiritual paths. Do we respect and work alongside and enjoy friendship with people of other faiths? Absolutely! Do we acknowledge that there is some wisdom in other traditions? Of course! But to support the idea that all paths lead to the same place — Jesus has not left that open to those who take him seriously.

Jesus’ stance regarding the valid spiritual path leaves only two options: either he was the only one who was right, or he was completely wrong. We cannot have Jesus being right and Buddha or Muhammad or any other teaching being right. That is why evangelical Christian spokespersons will continue to insist on the exclusiveness of Jesus’ way.

Justin Arndt